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23-24 September.
Arrived in Vegas and booked into a motel on the outskirts due to another big convention and country Emmy Awards that were on in town !! It didn't particularly worry us as we were just looking to wind-down after our road trip and we still had our car to get us around to the fashion outlets in the suburbs. Soooo we shopped for a while then we shopped some more and when we were tired .... We shopped SOME MORE!!!!!
We returned our car back to the airport on the morning of the 24th and proceeded into town to check into the Palazzo for three nights after all the country singers/actors had left town.
Since our car had to be back by ten and our room wasn't ready we thought we would familiarize ourselves with the Venetian/Pallazo complex.
Well......7 hours and about another four shopping bags later we arrived back to check into our wonderful home for the next few nights. (Just for the record R did most of the purchasing).

The complex Palazo/Venetian complex is huge and the Grand canal/ St Marks square replica is incredible. The day sky with clouds painted above gives you the impression that the clouds are slowly moving across the sky as you walk around the. You have to be careful you don't walk into things as you study the sky!!

Our room/suite is huge. It is split level with a couple of steps down to the lounge area. Our room overlooked the Wynne Hotel's Country Club area with its decadent Pools and Golf course. We were told that it costs $500 for a round of golf!!!!! After all it is where Prince Harry got himself into trouble.

25th September

Awoke at 5am!!!! To catch our coach out to the southern rim of the Grand Canyon. After the pick-up and transfer we settled into our 5 hour bus trip to the Grand Canyon airport where we were transferred onto our Bell helicopter for our flight over the cayon.......Truelly SPECTACULAR
What an amazing experience, well worth the early start. For those who are yet to experience a helicopter ride it was very sedate, G found the rides at Disneyland to be worse. NOW THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING. We returned back into Vegas at 10 pm and collapsed into bed.

September 26th
After a late start the next day we decided to check out all the different Hotels, Bri & Ash, Nan's favorite was the Dancing Water display at Bellagio, Pop enjoyed the volcano eruption at the Mirage . We both voted the Ventian as the best experience overall although the Bellagio,s Botanical gardens was also good. With Gambling tables every which way you turned R managed to only play once a grand total of $50 (such restraint). We had a really nice meal in one of the Palazzo restaurants, such a change from the normal, Pizza, Burgers and Mexican that are normally on offer.

September 27th & 28th
Had a late departure and then off to the Airport heading for NEW YORK, so exciting. Our flight arrived into JFK at 5:30am where we navigated ourselves out to the Express Shuttle that took us to Grand Central Station. That is an experience of its own with platforms going upto over the 100s. We managed to get ourselves train tickets and board the 7:05 to Stanford where we picked up our car ready for our next road trip. We couldn't believe the ease in which we were able to navigate our way around and made our destination in record time. Currently we are waiting for our hire car to become available and then we are heading for Newport Rhode Island area. Hopefully R will be suitably impressed.

PS Sorry for the lack of photos we are unable to transfer them from the IPad to the Website, hopefully we will be able to find a computer at one of the hotels we stay at that have this service

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L.a to Vegas

2nd day in SF started well after securing accommodation for the night at a very respectable hotel in the city centre. We headed straight there to check in and avoid losing the reservation.

What a city SF is, we enjoyed brunch on the roof top of Macy,s and enjoyed the ambiance and generally just chilled out for an hour or so, we needed it!!! Meandered our way through Union square which houses all the upper end brand shopping. (A bit of trivia! Did you know that the brands Levi and Gap originated in SF). We are no longer meandering......the streets are REALLY steep, we laboured our way through China Town and the Wharf District and headed back to our hotel via the cable car. The queue for the cable car had a longer wait time than any of the rides at Disney Land. R managed a position at the back of the car which enabled him a magic view and some great Kodak shots.

Disappointingly we were unable to secure another night in SF (not even in the suburbs) so the following day we had a drive around the city and headed for our tour of Alcatraz. Thankfully we took the advice of a local in LA and prebooked this tour as on arrival at the Pier we discovered the next available tour was in three days time. Well worth the visit!!

Leaving Alcatraz and SF, R. giving up on the (Glenda PS) and solely relying on the GPS he down loaded free from the Internet, we again found ourselves heading off the wrong exit from the busy 6 lane freeway. After a lengthly detour R decided to buy a Tom Tom and peace again now reigns!!!!!!! Off to Yosemite.

19-20th September YOSEMITE

After being surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Grampians for over 10 years it is hard for us to be impressed by mountains, Yosemite surpassed all our expectations. It is similar to the Grampians with its rock formations only on a much bigger scale, at some points we were over 9,000 ft above sea level. We did some high altitude training with a walk to the Vernall Falls which is a 1.3k very steep climb to the base of the falls (the streets of SF had nothing on this) G really struggled with her breathing and only just made it. R continued to the top which was another 1km further on, consisting mainly of stairs. No need to mention we slept well that night. We stayed the night just out of the National Park and visited the Mariposa Grove, home to some of the largest Sequoia trees (25 feet in diameter ) and onto Glacier Point considered to be one of the best views in the world.? Both were very impressive !!!
We left Yosemite over the Tioga Pass heading for Las Vegas. Just to top off the whole wilderness experience G spotted a small bear foraging around an empty Camp Site, unfortunately we were unable to do a u turn to capture on camera. We set up camp at a town named Bishop that night.

21st - 22nd September. DEATH VALLEY - LAS VEGAS

What an appropriate name, it was 106 degrees on an overcast day with tempretures over 100 in the shade!!!!!!!! Hot barren and dusty it was like being in a John Wayne movie, you could just picture the cowboys riding over the hills into the valley, R loved it. He said he was most impressed by the colour change in the landscape, I think he was fantasizing about being one of those cowboys. G's verdict, happy to have had the experience, however not a destination You would Be interested in revisiting. Most Australians consider Cooper Peddy to be hot and barren, it has nothing on Death Valley where it can get up to 215F. degrees in summer.

After some very taxing driving and long days we arrived in Las Vegas a day early and have decided to use it as a rest day.

We were both disappointed not to have received any messages from our collingwood supporter friends!!!!.... Go Swannies and Jobe for bronlow!!


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NO........We haven't been sleeping all this time!!!

L.A to S.F

sunny 100 °F

WOW..... what happened to the week JUST GONE ????
Life has been hectic since we arrived, (hence the lack of postings!!!!)

Our base in LA was a cute little apartment ideally situated in a little village in Hollywood (similar to Rathdowne Street) only one block back from Hollywood Blvd. It seams that we can't get away from the Scientologists.... The apartment was directly across the road from the Celebrity Scientology centre, a very impressive building indeed!

We did the usual touristy things, and also hung out with the locals. After our visit to Rodeo drive we jumped on the local bus to Venice Beach, if any of you have caught the 57 tram you will be able associate with our experience. It was like going from Toorak

to Footscray!!!! Venice beach was an experience with the highlight being watching the local dudes at the skate park, boy they are talented skaters. We devoted a good hour to this pastime. Afer Richard took some great shots he discovered that he had left the memory card in the computer at home........ Our first 2 days photos disappeared with one little message flashing momentarily on our view back screen 'Demo only' !!!

Our timing for the walk between Venice Beach and Santa Monica pier couldn't have been better, with the sun setting over the water. Once arriving at Santa Monica we strolled the pier... no not hand in hand! We enjoyed the ambiance and then headed back to the apartment.

Early the next day we headed off to Disneyland. Kelly you were right we needed to go. How amazing is this place we spent 12 hours there!!! Everything runs like clock work and not a piece of rubbish to be seen anywhere. We did the rides that Bri and Ash recommended and Sam it was California screaming wasn't it? (you would have to be joking). Managed a few photos with the Disney characters, Lily we met Minnie who gave me a big cuddle for you. The highlight of the day though had to be the Disney Parade!!!! What a shame we never enjoyed this experience with the girls.
After working out the correct protocols with the navigation system in our hire car, Richard soon learnt that GPS1 (Glenda Positioing System) always overrides GPS2 (Global Positioning System) So we left LA early and made our way up the coast to San Francisco through some spectacular countryside. The drive from Moro to Monterey although very tiring, 4 hours of winding roads, was well worth the diversion from the main inland route. After a quick stop off at Hearst Castle we arrived at SF after an 11 hour drive to find that our accommodation had been double booked. Not what we needed with a flat IPad battery in an unfamiliar city at 9pm at night. Not happy campers when we had paid a deposit and reconfirmed our booking a week before our arrival!!!!!! Our little hiccup didn't end there, SF has a Convention in town, 45,000 DELEGATES in total and No Vacancy signs everywhere. We used to love those signs..... but not tonight !! After driving around for a couple of hours, over bridges and up and down very steep hills we finally found a vacancy in a motel with a -1 star rating. At this point as long as we had a bed with hopefully clean sheets we didn't care, we needed some rest, our stay in SF can only get better from here on.

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Land of the beautiful people

LA Arrival

Hello from the US.
After thirteen fun packed hours we arrived safely fifteen minutes early! Apart from a couple of bumpy patches it was a great flight. Plenty of room in cattle class, good food and drink and plenty of quite kids! The only bummer was the twenty something Y.o. guy who sat next to Glenda by the window. He had a bladder of a nine month pregnant woman and had to pee more times than any other female on the flight!!!!!
After a long wait getting customs (I think they were a bit suspicious of Glenda) we got through and made our way to our apartment in HOLLYWOOD.
But more on that after our sleep.
Luv and kisses R & G xxxooo

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countdown clock

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